The SNCF train carried us away from Bordeaux, and about 2 hours later we landed in Toulouse. During the ride, the tracks took us past the Canal du Midi, a calming waterway winding through the French countryside. Occasionally we would see boats drifting along, on which wine was most certainly being sipped and creamy cheese being spread on a fresh baguette.

We arrived at the Toulouse train station and were pleasantly surprised as we emerged out of the front doors into the city. It is vibrant and charming, with people bustling around in tiny Peugeots, on foot, and many riding bikes. The Canal du Midi continued on right through central Toulouse, with house boats parked along the banks. The “Pink City” lives up to its name, with red tile roofs as far as the eye can see. As a matter of fact, we can see waves of red tiles roofs from the window of our lovely hotel room, directly on the Place du Capitole.


After exploring some running routes for Rhonda along the Garonne River for tomorrow morning, and getting an overview of our new neighborhood, we headed out to the plaza to enjoy some wine and people watching. Well yes, there was also some charcuterie and fromage (meats and cheeses). When in France… Now we are worn out from our day and settling in for some rest before we take on Toulouse in the morning. Bonne nuit.


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