This morning we hopped on the stylish tramway toward downtown to get a little breakfast and then on to our bus tour. Our destination was Place de la Comédie, Montpellier’s central square. It was swarming with people who were eating, snapping photos, and begging for money. Sitting down for a leisurely cafe and croissant, we enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the grand square. 

Montpellier is eclectic, with diverse people and architecture. Everything from historic churches and La Faculté de Médecine (medical school), to contemporary buildings such as the “blue and ice-like” city hall designed by Jean Nouvel and François Fontès. There is a decidedly edgier vibe in Montpellier than in Toulouse or Bordeaux.

Montpellier definitely met all the requirements of what we were looking for in a city, but after visiting we realized it just wasn’t the right match. So we decided to head out to Lyon a day early, and will be off to the train station in the morning. Lyon is a bigger city than the others we have explored, so an extra day will probably be warranted anyway.

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