The train ride from Montpellier to Lyon was the most beautiful one yet. The train whizzed past rolling hills, rocky outcrops, vineyards, mist settled in the valley floors, and pastures of sheep (no I am not making this up). And of course, tiny villages were perched on top of hills and spilled down the sides. Si belle! (so beautiful)

Lyon is a grand city with gorgeous mansions and old glorious buildings that line the streets. There are cathedrals atop hills that can be viewed down narrow streets, if one changes the focus from straight ahead to up. It is an interesting city that straddles 2 rivers, the Rhône and Saône. There are modern touches scattered throughout, and the city is vibrant and full of diverse people. We have been greeted with “bonjour” many times, and are pleased with the feel of Lyon. The waterfront is really spectacular, with a pedestrian path alongside, and the river contains parked boats which house people and restaurants.

Our hotel is just at the edge of the Parc de la Tête d’Or, which is a spectacular park of 117 hectares, containing botanical gardens, a zoo, a lake, and winding paths fulling of joggers, bikes, and folks just strolling along enjoying the natural city oasis. We meandered through it a couple of times today, pleasantly losing track of our location. It truly is a place to get lost in.

I know this isn’t a food blog, but I can’t help but mention some of the delicious items that brightened our cloudy, rainy day. Starting off are the creamy, fluffy les oeufs brouilles – the most delicious scrambled eggs I have ever experienced. How do they do it? I have yet to find out…I just know that I will continue to order them until I leave this country. And finally Rhonda had the most divine risotto with mushrooms and shaved parmesan, while I dined on duck breast with figs and creamy polenta. Do I feel a tremendous amount of guilt with these pleasures while my poor husband suffers at home? Absolutely.

We experimented with the Metro system, which seems maneuverable (of course we have adjusted to the NYC system, so anything else might seem easy). Tomorrow we take our bus tour, which should give us a good overview of the city, and the different sites and neighborhoods. So far we have both enjoyed the city, and are looking forward to experiencing more tomorrow. Stay tuned for more on Lyon. À bientôt!

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