The time has finally come. Two years of planning, saving and preparing have brought us full-circle back to NYC. On April 25th at 2:00 PM we begin our invasion of France. We won’t exactly be storming the beaches but we will be arriving by boat.

Cruise ship in NYC

We rendezvous with the Queen Victoria at Pier 92 on the Hudson river. Our cabin on the 6th level port side is situated perfectly for saying au revoir to Manhattan. A bientôt Cassie, John Mark, Matt, Richard, Paula, Amy, Elizabeth and all you other New Yorkers who made our time there so memorable!

Queen Victoria stateroom

There are some (Diane) who have questioned my desire to stretch an 8 hour plane ride into an 8 day cruise. The turbulence during our landing at Newark airport yesterday confirmed the absolute reasonableness of an old-fashioned transatlantic crossing.

Diane, a long-time road warrior, has never understood my unease at flying but she claims to have similar reservations at crossing an open ocean dans un bateau. Diane is imagining ice-bergs, underwater string quartets and DiCaprio-cicles. My worries about the cruise have nothing to do with the seaworthiness of the grand ship. I need to find a way to ingratiate myself with the bosses of the shuffle board court…

Cruise ship shuffleboard

One thing we are both really looking forward to is going off-the-grid for 8 days. We will reappear in London on the 3rd, Paris on the 7th, and finally Toulouse on the 10th. We were sad to say goodbye to family and friends but we can’t wait to get to know our new friends in France. So damn the torpedoes (no dear, there won’t be any torpedoes) and full steam ahead! Well… maybe half steam.

Queen Victoria pool

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