We landed in Bordeaux yesterday evening – exhausted, jet lagged, and a little overwhelmed with the whole journey. After a little food, a glass of wine, and a good night’s sleep we were ready to explore the city. Well…nearly ready. Not completely on our game it took us a while to find an actual breakfast, as apparently in France some bread and le cafe are considered breakfast. Eventually we found our way to a lovely cafe on a plaza, where we sat outside and enjoyed the most creamy delicious scrambled eggs served in a jar. Oh and did I mention the bacon? Thick, smokey, and melt-in-your mouth bacon. After washing that down with a cafe au lait, we really were ready to tackle the day.

We wandered down the narrow cobblestone streets, a little giddy from our decadent petit dejeuner, until we ended up at the Garonne River. There was a beautiful waterfront, with a wide path where joggers, people walking their dogs, and cyclists were enjoying the sunshine. We definitely plan to return tomorrow and explore that area more.

In the afternoon we headed out for our wine tour with Ophorus ( http://www.ophorus.com/wine-tours/bordeaux-wine-tours). Marion was our guide and she was fabulous! There were 8 of us in a van, driving north to the Margaux region, with Marion at the wheel telling us all about the region, wine-making, chateaux, and anything else we asked about. Our first stop was Chateau Margeaux, then on to Chateau Desmirail, and finally Chateau Boyd-Cantenac. We learned about the wine production, terroir, and got to taste some amazing wines from the region. This whole experience definitely gave Bordeaux a leg up in the “which city should we live in” contest.

We drifted back to the city and headed down to Rue Sainte Catherine, the longest pedestrian mall in Europe (at least according to Marion), to eat dinner at La Brasserie Bordelaise. Rhonda had the cassoulet and I had the magret de canard (duck breast). And of course, we had to sample some more of the region’s wine. Full and content from our day, we continued to meander down the Rue Sainte Catherine, where there were cafes, shops, and people out enjoying the evening. We walked to the end, Place de la Victoire, which we now recognize as the turning point to get to our little apartment. After a long, productive, and absolutely delightful day, we are ready for more sleep to get us ready for some more exploring (and wine tasting of course) tomorrow.

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