One last cafe and buttery brioche for breakfast down a little cobble-stone street around the corner from our plaza. We have thoroughly enjoyed the city of Toulouse and the people who were warm, charming, engaging, and just downright delightful. At a market yesterday, a gentleman insisted on having an entire conversation with us in French, even though we made it clear we really didn’t understand what he was saying. Undeterred, he provided us with free samples of fresh grapes and pears, as he patiently asked where we were from, what we were doing in Toulouse, and where we were going next. I figured out enough of his language to respond in my broken version. He nodded, but I’m not sure if that meant I actually said something understandable, or if he was just being polite.

The train to Montpellier passed over the Canal du Midi (more boats floating along – we HAVE to do that sometime), past vineyards, and standing off in the distance were the Pyrenees mountains. Once in Montpellier the journey to the hotel had a bit of a rough start, but we made it there in one piece. Running right in front of our hotel is the Montpellier tramway line, with tramway cars decorated by Garouste, Bonetti, and Christian Lacroix. They look like moving works of art winding their way through the city. We are situated along the Lez River, which has a lovely walking and biking path running alongside. So tomorrow we figure out the tram system into town, and venture off on our next city tour. Stay tuned!

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