Well it is with mixed feelings that we say au revoir to Lyon and to France, as today is our last day. We have covered a lot of ground, and learned much about French culture, language, and certainly the food. I can’t wait to get back to my sweet husband, and I can’t wait to bring him back to France! Now, let’s talk about Lyon.

We explored the historic, the new, the waterfront, and the tourist sites of Lyon. It is a truly beautiful city, spread across hills and rivers. On the bus tour we saw (brace yourself): city squares, Vieux Lyon (old Lyon), amphitheaters from the Roman era, Fourviere, parks, and the Confluence area, to name a few. The city has so much to offer, it really wore us out trying to see it all. A side trip to the Confluence area revealed a new development between the Saone and Rhône rivers, with modern design and a lovely planned community. The Croix Rousse area is a hilly neighborhood scattered with les traboules, which are passageways originally used by silk merchants to transport their products to keep them dry when raining. Though fascinating, the traboules are also a bit elusive, and we ran out of steam before finding more than approximately one (at least we think it was a traboule – they aren’t exactly well marked).

The public transportation in Lyon is simply amazing. Between the buses, trams, and Metro, one can really navigate the city very easily. The parks are also well worth mentioning, again and again. The path along the river goes for miles, with shady trees and benches. And the Parc de la Tête d’Or, provides such a peaceful oasis with free access to botanical gardens, a zoo, and hectares of trees, flowers, lakes, and joyfully singing birds.

Merci, Lyon, for making our stay here so enjoyable. Our energy level began to wane by this point in our  trip, so we had less to put into your great city. But thanks to your Metro and buses – we made it to everything on our list.

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